McKenzie Hall – The Bulky Goods Specialist

How do we explain the difference between Allpoint Security and the rest. We have decided to tell it as it is – irregular closure of gates, increased vandalism, patrols not being performed, guards sleeping on duty, poorly trained and poorly presented personnel, road worthiness and security vehicles in doubt, absolutely no customer service, all things we were paying for and none of the things we wanted.
We were after an organisation that would live and breathe the professionalism we demanded for our clients while providing and maintaining a cost effective and affordable service. It was our belief that Allpoint Security met our requirements.
We were wrong, they surpassed them, they are service orientated, professional above reproach, proactive, dedicated and diligent in all aspects and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Trust is just not an issue and nothing is ever a problem.
We proudly utilise the expertise and services of Allpoint Security to ensure our customers and service providers are able to relax and enjoy a safe and secure environment for all. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss the matter further.