Gosford City Council

As Mayor of Gosford City it gives me great pleasure to provide this reference for Stephen Lloyd of Allpoint Security. I support and endorse the comments provided below by Council staff who deal with this Company.
“Allpoint Security successfully tendered for Gosford City Council’s security contract towards the end of 2012, commencing their contract on 25/02/2013.
Under the directorship and management of Stephen Lloyd Snr and Stephen Lloyd Jnr, Allpoint security continues to deliver an exceptional service during their tenure with Gosford City Council.
From day one of their association with Council, management and staff of Allpoint Security have communicated, planned and delivered with a very high customer focussed quality. Allpoint has proven to be a stand out provider in the security industry with continued value added service, professionalism and very strong business ethics.
As a service provider Allpoint Security has established a very personalised service and trouble free relationship with Gosford City Council. They are proactive, immediate to respond, and always eager to satisfy. Council receives a daily report emailed to the Risk Management Unit and relevant property managers throughout Council so that any issues identified overnight can be addressed immediately by the relevant officer.
Feedback from Council’s Risk Management Coordinator, who is the contact for the security contract advises that there are no issues whatsoever with the supply of this contract, and that Allpoint Security is the first security provider he has dealt with that provides a trouble free and highly satisfactory service.
What I have written above is true and accurate. I have been amazed at the good old fashioned personal service afforded to Council my Allpoint. I was sceptical when we first went through the tender process and I actually thought their references were too good to be true, and we put them through the ringer at the time. In hindsight, I now see why they have such glowing references. As it’s turned out, Stephen Lloyd is one of those good honest people who is out to do the right thing by his customers, and Council is the fortunate recipient.”